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xProdock Upgrade Kit w/Bluetooth

£24.95 £20.79
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This kit for the Samsung Galaxy s5, s6 and note 4 contains a 2.1 Bluetooth Aux-Out Car charger, a Samsung Charging Arm, and a 2 meter microUSB.

This kit is only used for Samsung Galaxy s5, s6 and note 4.

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More Product Info.
  • iBOLT upgrade kit for the Samsung Galaxy s5, s6 and note 4 comes with a 2 meter microUSB cable, a compatible charging arm for the xProDock, a NFC tag to launch our Dock'n Drive APP, and a 2.1 Bluetooth AUX- out charger.
  • Bluetooth adapter is for car-stereos with 3.5 mm aux-in but NO support for BT audio/music streaming. Plug in to the vehicle's aux-in to hear Music, GPS from favorite Apps through your car-stereo speakers.
  • To operate, pair charger with phone and set BT connection to "media only". Plug in the 3.5 mm aux-out "curly cable" from charger to vehicle aux-in. Music & App sound will play to car-stereo speakers. BT "auto connect" supported on most Android phones.
  • The Bluetooth car-charger may also be used for hands-free calling, microphone is built-in. Select "call" profile to activate. Works well at lower speed but the background noise cancellation is NOT optimized for highway driving (this would make the Kit 2 x
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