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Passive Cradle Set for Apple iPhone 6 Plus / 6S Plus - Window Installation

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The professional robust car holder
The Carcomm Passive Cradle is the perfect solution to integrate and use your device in your car. The unique and patented robust design of the active holder keeps your mobile device in place and protects it from being damaged. The perfect holder for the professional user. 

The cradle is developed to ensure that the device is kept in place but is still easy to remove. This is achieved with special fixtures that keep the device firmly seated on the cradle while driving on bumpy roads. This also protects the device connector and from being damaged.

NOTE: Without protection case / bumper case

The perfect accessory
The unique and passive holder is the best choice to safely use your mobile device in your vehicle. It's easy to install and comfortable to use. Simply slide-in your device and the holder will keep it firmly in place and when you reach your destination you can easily take out your device.

Perfect positioning 
The holder can be positioned perfectly in your vehicle to maximize usability of your device and to reduce reflections on the display. If you don't want to attract unwanted attention when you leave the vehicle, you can easily remove the holder and place it out of sight.

Landscape mode
If your mobile device supports a landscape mode you can easily rotate the holder into a horizontal position. This is often used while using navigation software on the phone. If you want to use your phone in portrait mode you can easily rotate it back into a vertical position.

Easy installation 
The holder can be placed onto the dashboard or on mounting solutions like a Safety-Mount or Dashmount using the swivel base. Most of the time it is still possible to charge your device, the opening in the bottom allows you to connect a charger so that your device is always ready for use.

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Perfect fit - Holds your device firmly in place and protecting it from being damaged
Easy to use - Device is easely installed and removed from the holder
Fast and easy installation - The holder is ready for use in a few minutes
Perfect positioning - The holder can be perfectly positioned in the vehicle with the included window mount
Easily removable - The click-on/off enables you to place the holder out of sight when not in use


Holder - Safely keeps your device in place
Suction Cup - To be able to use the window mount on the dashboard
Window mount - For a quick and easy installation of the cradle against the window
Surface cleaner - To clean the window surface or dashboard

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