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Multi-Basys Cradle CMBS-314 for Apple iPhone 6+ 6S+ 7+ 7S+8+ (All Plus Models)

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The Multi-Basys active device holder simply slides into the Mutli-Basys Docking Station 
( available separately ).

The Multi-Basys Cradle's unique and patented design and the use of high quality parts guarantee that your mobile device won't be damaged and firmly stays in place in the cradle.

Compatible with 12Volt and 24Volt
Integrated in the cradle is a high efficiency charger ( suitable for 12Volt and 24Volt ) to charge your mobile device. This ensures that your mobile device is charged at all times so you can use it in- and outside your vehicle 

Antenna Coupler
Nowadays very few smartphones have a direct connection for an external antenna. If you want to use an external antenna, the only method is through a passive induction antenna coupler. When you place your device into the cradle, the integrated antenna coupler uses passive induction to transfer the signal between the phone and an external antenna. To make use of the coupler an external antenne has to be connected to the Docking Station.

The main function of the Multi-Basys Cradle is to power and charge your device while you're on the move and to securely hold it in place. The CarComm Multi-Basys is a Universal Vehicle Charging Platform for mobile devices. 

The system exists out of two parts, the docking station and the model specific charging cradle.Both parts are only available separately. The compact size of the Multi-Basys system makes it easy to install and it blends in with the car interior.

The unique feature of the CarComm Multi-Basys is that once installed, you can easily swap from device without installing a complete new cradle system. Just swap the model specific charging cradle for a cradle that is compatible with your new phone, slide it into the Docking Station and you are ready to go. 

The device cradle can simply be removed from the docking station.
More Information
More Product Info.

High Quality PDA / Smartphone connector
Keeps the PDA / Smartphone connector from getting damaged.

Integrated Antenna Coupler
Boost cellular reception and decreases interference.

Compatible with 12Volt and 24Volt 
Suitable for use in cars and trucks.

e4 Certified
Certified to be used in cars and trucks.

Perfect fit
Holds your device firmly in place, protecting it from being damaged.

Easy to use
Smartphone/PDA is easily installed and removed from the holder.

Easily removable
The special docking system enables you to easily swap the cradle when you are going to use another phone.

Attention, the Multi-Basys system consists out 2 separately available products, the Multi-Basys Cradle and the Multi-Basys Docking-Station. You need both products to make the system work.

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