Who we are and what we do

Founded in 2003 formerly known as (Handnav UK) where we were one of largest independent UK resellers of navigation units & accessories in the UK and were associated directly with all of the top brands. As navigation software was being used on PDA’s we followed a natural progression of adding and supplying vehicle cradles and mounting solutions to our product portfolio. Tecpaq was started in November 2007 as the satellite navigation market became less specialised, we switched our vision & strategy to concentrate on smartphones & rugged devices and decided to become a vehicle cradle and mounting equipment specialist, and focus solely on that industry alone.

In November 2015 due to our wealth of experience we were proudly appointed exclusive UK Distributor of Carcomm Mobile Solutions (based in Netherlands established in 1991) who are experts in the manufacturing of charging cradles, multi docks, & cabinets, we are also affiliated with many other brands both European and International, and have a solid and reputable customer base.

We consider ourselves vehicle cradle and mounting experts and are extremely passionate about this, it is what we do and have done for many years, and we provide the correct solution for our customers whether it is a rugged device or a smart phone and whether it is a universal, device specific or bespoke requirement. We have identified and split the cradle and mount industry into two different areas

1. Smartphone/consumer
2. Rugged workforce device/business

In June 2015 we formed a partnership with a European company that focuses only on rugged device accessories and we are now the sole UK and Ireland distributors for this brand which manufactures rugged cradles, desktop cradles, wall racks and leather cases. We feel strongly about supporting UK and European manufacturing and are keen to play a part of reclaiming as much as we can from the Far East. There is a perfect connection and harmony between what we do and what our new partners do hence the reason for our collaboration and alliance. As companies we both also strongly believe in channel sales and solid business relationships, and will always support our customers and work effectively and ethically together. We have a very clear vision about what we want to achieve in the next few years and will work hard to implement our goals and success.

Our new strategic partnership and distribution of rugged cradles/accessories Based on mobile data systems and business routines, our partner develops robust cradles with functionality and peripherals which enable efficient use of rugged PDAs all of which are manufactured in Netherlands and mainly Europe. 

The range of vehicle cradles is based on a unique, modular construction procedure, where all details are made from strong, injection molded ABS plastic. This modular construction enables production to quickly be adjusted to new models on the market. The products are used daily by large companies where the PDA is a part of daily routine. Target customers exist mainly within these fields: Transportation, Security & Surveillance & Field service 

Through the development and manufacture of high quality cradles, we offer solutions for market leading manufacturers such as Motorola, Intermec, Datalogic and Psion. Between both companies our agreed strong key values are Quality, Flexibility, Long term & Credibility.

Help us to help you to bring value to your business, whatever that may be. Call us on +44 (0) 20 7078 7360 or email at sales@tecpaq.com